4 ways Bluetooth Beacons can improve Inventory & warehouse management

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons have been around for some time now, slowly gaining traction in the retail, logistics and safety space. More importantly, savvy supply chain managers are now using them as a great way to save time and money in logistics and supply chain management. Here you can learn more about beacons and 4 ways you can profit from investing in Bluetooth beacons/ ble beacons.  

The Advantages of wireless BLE beacon tracking are many. Bluetooth beacons transmit their own unique identifier to all the Bluetooth gateways around them. So every machine, items and staff can be identified and tracked using the beacons. 


  • Making Optimal use of space in the warehouse

You can use the BLE Bluetooth beacon based inventory tracking system to monitor the pallets with goods through your warehouse inventory management system as they come in and move around the facility, which allows you to make sure they’re stored where they should be to ensure the optimum Logistics and supply chain management.

With tagging and tracking (Bluetooth beacon tracking tags) of each pallet in the inventory are possible and with the dashboard you can keep track of it at all times. 


  • More than Inventory Management

When maximizing your warehouse output, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of equipment and assets in the warehouse.

Asset and inventory cross over within the same organization. Some companies or businesses utilize asset tracking device or asset management solution to track and manage equipment. These systems involve manual efforts in tracking the assets effectively. They also have to manage some equipment and assets at a third party, project or customer location. During production, these assets may be required and availability is of prime importance for smooth supply chain operations. 

You can use the same BLE beacons or bluetooth tracking tags to track objects other than inventory.

Nible BLE beacons can be used for asset and tool tracking, vehicle tracking, yard management, workforce safety management, impact detection as well as forklift tracking.


  • Tracking of Temperature, Humidity and other Sensitive Assets

Products like perishable foods, medicines, and other sensitive items require temperature and humidity monitoring. Usually, employees manually check the status and this always increases the potential for error. If temperature guidelines get missed, it may cause damages to the product thereby causing financial and possibly legal risks. 

This is where the efficiency of a BLE  beacon with temperature and humidity sensors play a key role. nibleSense+ can do just that for you by monitoring temperature and humidity, boosting reliability in Logistics and supply chain management functions.


  • Workforce Productivity and Safety 

As operations grow and become more complex, managing a mixed employment force also becomes more complex. Especially dealing with part-timers, contractors, visitors and employee turnover makes monitoring workforce management a difficult job. The solution is to manage the workforce and laborers using beacons. This will allow organisations to objectively measure employee performance, set baseline work goals, and have real-time visibility.

nibleSense is an affordable BLE beacon that is used for real-time tracking, identification, safety and condition monitoring of things in your enterprise. 

nible, nibleSense and nibleSense+ can be mounted, hanged or stuck using sticker or magnetic tapes on various surfaces bringing ease in operation. It uses NFC enabled smartphones or tablets making commissioning and configuration secure, robust, and easy. 

Nowadays manual manners of locating equipment are rigorous and unproductive when it comes to Logistics and supply chain management. Hence identification and tracking using nible and nibleWay BLE Bluetooth ecosystem is best for enabling smart warehouse management systems.

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