Asset Tracking Solutions powered by BLE in Healthcare

Asset tracking solutions coupled with BLE technology enable healthcare sectors to locate their critical assets in real-time. No matter the size of the facility, the healthcare providers can easily track and trace items such as beds, wheelchairs, and equipment such as biomedical devices, infusion pumps, etc. Hospitals or medical centers have several tasks to update daily. It’s not easy to keep track of everything while treating patients who need absolute care. That’s one of the main reasons why many sectors in healthcare are deploying innovative technologies into their facilities. Real-Time Location System (RTLS) in asset tracking can benefit healthcare organizations to gain visibility over their staff, high-risk patients, inventory, and visitors. It helps the caregivers or nurses to track the locations of the patients (elders or children) who wander around. 


BLE asset tracking system powered by Niruha Systems’ facilitates tracking solutions that provide real-time analytics. After deploying the BLE beacons extended with sensors, knowledge of asset location and whether or not they are stationary or moving is provided. It alerts organization officials of hazards to the patient, staff, equipment or inventory, ensuring a secured environment within the facility. 

Asset Tracking Solutions powered by BLE in Healthcare

BLE technology has a wide range of possibilities and can be implemented in a broad set of zones in healthcare facilities. 

Let us see some prominent benefits of Asset Tracking Solutions extended with BLE beacons. 

  • Medical Asset Visibility and Reliability  

AI-enabled IoT solutions are redefining and accelerating the healthcare experience, resolving substantial challenges of lack of asset visibility and cloud-based platform. With the BLE beacon asset tracking solution, one can assure accountability, reliability, predictability, and accuracy of tracking medical assets and their condition. It optimizes inventory management processes and reduces human error by providing critical data of abnormal patterns in the equipment, even when the equipment is not in use. Identifying if the assets are in good condition kept in storage for a longer period can be an absolute advantage for healthcare providers. 


  • Employee Location Tracking within the Workplace

Asset tracking system helps you manage the location of your staff and employees in real-time. Especially in these critical times, healthcare organisations need to practice social distancing within the facility. There might be various restriction zones where access is allowed to appointed doctors or nurses. The compact-sized BLE beacons can alert the officials of unsolicited personnel within critical areas. 


  • Prevent Damage and Misplacement of Moveable Assets

Deployment of innovative technology across various zones is an ideal choice for hospitals, medical centers, clinics, labs, etc. From equipment to assets to manpower, BLE can track its location, movement, and behaviour. There is critical equipment placed in the facilities, and hence, misplacement or damaging of these assets is inevitable. It not only affects the ROI but disrupts the productivity of the facility and puts several lives at risk. With smart solutions, you can enable equipment tracking, and thus improve efficiency, enhance visibility accuracy while reducing procurement costs. 


Benefits of Niruha Systems’ Asset Tracking Solutions:

Niruha Systems’ offers a range of products facilitating real-time asset tracking solutions. It helps businesses improve processes, gain visibility, improve efficiency and enable improved decision making. Knowledge of where, when, and how to use visibility devices or sensor data, is critical for the successful adoption and deployment of visibility solutions. Implementing them at a scale can provide a plethora of benefits such as:


  • Easy installation and configuration 
  • Minimal investments increase overall facility profitability
  • Facility security drastically reduces human error
  • An integrated ecosystem that provides immediate assistance
  • Real-time location tracking ensures asset availability
  • Track warranty, repairs, and insurance status
  • Compatible with RFID, Barcode, and Manual processes 



Asset tracking solutions help you streamline your healthcare processes by tracking several assets all at once. It reduces time and effort in searching for misplaced items and alerts you if the maintenance for certain equipment is needed or not. You can set pre-defined boundaries, protecting your assets, and enhancing zone accuracy. Connect with Niruha Systems’ to know how our effective BLE products can increase asset reliability and availability in your healthcare sector.

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