Construction Sites: Building Smarter With Asset Tracking Solutions

For better accessibility, every construction business has some form of asset tracking solution to manage their equipment, building sites, plants, employees, workflows, tools, and vehicles. Managing all these large fleets of assets can be challenging for business owners, managers, project coordinators, and personnel. Tools and machinery are critical as they are expensive, and maintaining them can be costly. 

However, IoT in construction industry is surely changing its course. With its rapid growth, owners and organizational faculties are able to enhance the on and off-site tracking reliability. It enables real-time data-driven insights to get better visibility regarding the health of the equipment, monitoring the vehicles, restricted areas, condition monitoring of the employees and material, thus minimizing delays, maximizing overall performance.

Construction Sites: Building Smarter With Asset Tracking Solutions

Let’s look at a few ways in which industry executives can reform inventory tracking with the help of asset tracking solutions.

Asset availability increases reliability

Despite the size of the plant or the construction site, it is essential to have maximum visibility of your assets. Especially, when several operations are carried out daily. Large-sized vehicles and critical equipment travel from site to site, making it difficult to track its location, condition, where it is getting used, and by whom. Similarly, for employees, workers, and visitors, it’s hard to track their exact location and know all the detailed information about their operations. This is possible with the help of movable and fixed asset tracking solutions. 

To scale asset availability and reliability of the plant or site, Niruha Systems’ compact yet powerful nible BLE based asset tracking tags are easy to install and configure and help you to automate processes, provide real-time data, identification, condition monitoring, etc.   

Site Safety: moving or static

For any company, the safety of their workplace is important. The same goes for construction sites. Due to hundreds of acres of land, it is impossible to identify the location of the manpower, whether they are stationed or moving, or whether there are any delays in the operations. One couldn’t possibly know if the safety of the site is maintained or not, and for that construction, officials need to implement innovative solutions into their workplace. 

With the help of Niruha Systems’ employee tracking solutions such as nible, nibleWay and cod, you can track the visibility of your plant and site with ease. It provides you with all the critical information with the help of its sensors in an economically feasible way!  

Is your construction site immune to theft? No.

If you are an owner, manager, or personnel, we are sure you must have experienced theft at least once, if not more times, into your plant or site. Tools and machinery are expensive and play a major role in construction operations. If anything is misplaced or unavailable, with or without backup can be estimated as a huge loss.  But it is an activity that is inevitable but can be curbed. 

With nibleWay BLE Gateway deployed across the premises, it gathers data from rugged industrial beacon devices that provide tracking remote workers & device monitoring. So build extra awareness of your belonging the smart way.   

Condition monitoring into the equipment made easy 

Failures in the machines cost you more than the investment. cod powered by Niruha is another new age of asset maintenance where one can bring ease and assurance into their organization. It monitors the health of the equipment and provides actionable insights to resolve any impending failures. Implementing cod on the machines can increase machine uptime, thus increasing overall productivity and extending the machine’s remaining life. 

Alerts the unexpected in the restriction areas

Certain areas in the premises may be hazardous to the manpower. Only appointed personnel should be given access to these restricted areas depending on their expertise. nible BLE rugged beacons provide a constant flow of data, improving processes and visibility. It alerts the officials regarding unauthorized access into the restricted areas and can prevent any unexpected situation.  


There are several challenges in the construction industry. Fortunately, with asset tracking solutions, tracking and tracing of assets have become effortless. Connect with Niruha Systems’ today to implement asset inventory management that transforms your organization digitally to enhance asset utilization. 

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