Contactless attendance system for workforce productivity

Contactless attendance system powered by BLE technology is rapidly being adopted in several industries such as Retail, Automotive, Construction, Power and Energy, Mining, etc. Organisations have largely benefited from these compact-sized beacons as they can remotely track the end-users location, movement and behaviour across the plant or facility. The way beacons are providing a seamless experience to industries, the same can be said for organisations who would like to enhance productivity by implementing visibility solutions within their departments to monitor staff, employees, and tasks. By automating the workforce, one can ensure hygiene, flexibility and efficient processes that help in significantly improving the overall performance of the facility or plant. 


Tracking and monitoring employee productivity may require multiple gateways and beacon-enabled sensors to provide accurate real-time alerts anytime, anywhere. Niruha Systems’, a platform that offers cost-effective track and trace IoT solutions to identify, monitor, and capture critical data of assets, equipment, inventory and industrial operations. A technology product company building innovative products for enabling industry 4.0 adoption entrusts and values confidentiality, privacy and security of users. 

Contactless attendance system for workforce productivityBenefits of contactless attendance tracking system, improving efficiency and productivity 

Instead of inserting manual work timing, wireless nible BLE beacons help you simplify and bring ease to your plants or facilities. They allow you to transform the way you work by automating your facility and enabling contactless tracking and monitoring by deploying a real-time attendance system within the premises. Employee hours are tracked and monitored from when they enter the site till the time they leave. This eliminates the need to manually jot down their timings and instead allows you to record everything in real-time. 


Another important feature of IoT-based beacons is that you can monitor your workforce and assets wherever you are. Manufacturing, Retails, Restaurants, Logistics, Healthcare, Supply chain, Construction have valuable and expensive assets that they need to look out for. Some of them have critical machines that require constant monitoring in restricted areas. For such situations, deploying smart nible BLE beacons  and nibleWay BLE gateways across the plant or facility will increase the reliability and availability of the workforce, inventory and equipment. One can easily monitor the assets and have all the needed data of when the commercial vehicle has entered the premises to unload/ load the inventory, unauthorised visitors entering and leaving the zones, etc.


Apart from these, there are various other benefits of deploying Niruha Systems’ contactless attendance system coupled with IoT solutions

  • nible BLE beacons adoption in contactless attendance tracking system enables you to drive efficiency and improve productivity across industries. 
  • One can either hang, mount, or stick using stickers or magnetic tapes on various surfaces to digitally update the attendance of the workforce. 
  • These smart tags are used for applications such as Workforce Safety and Management, Vehicle Tracking, Tools and Assets Tracking, Forklift Tracking, and so much more. 
  • Monitoring the growing workforce can be challenging. Hence, these BLE beacons track and alert the officials of employees’ working hours, time off and compensation. 
  • nible BLE sensors in employee attendance monitoring systems offer seamless integration, simplifying employee management and boosting employee productivity.
  • The industry owners can ensure seamless functioning and performance as workforce efficiency is linked to their attendance and compliance. 



Contactless attendance system provides alerts and insights into each employee’s attendance, tracking their overtime, performance, work hours, frequent time offs and workflow. Digital attendance is the need in the current times, and implementing the latest technology powered by Niruha Systems’ offers a hassle-free attendance process. Connect with us today.  


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