Forklift Tracking and Utilization with BLE Beacons

Tracking and Tracing various assets and processes is becoming essential in many businesses, more so for equipment like Forklifts whose availability has a direct impact on the productivity of the organization and processes. Thanks to the rapid development in technology, several devices have come up that have made Forklift Tracking quite convenient. 

One such technology is Bluetooth Low Energy which has been traditionally used for consumer applications but has now spearheaded its usage in enterprises and industries as well. The technology is being adopted in the logistics industry as well for tracking and monitoring assets and equipment like Forklifts and MHE. Tracking of forklifts is essential for warehouse management and utilization. As a warehouse owner or logistics business manager, it is advisable to get a real-time forklift tracking device.


What is the importance of forklift tracking in the manufacturing or logistics industry?

In a logistics business, it is necessary to know the forklift location. The data collected can have a crucial impact on your business and the overall efficiency of operations.

Niruha Systems is empowering the industry with its unique IoT solutions designed for ease and rapid deployments. The solutions have Bluetooth tags also known as BLE Beacons which are detected by Several BLE Readers or Gateways that enable visibility of forklifts and can be extremely important for real-time tracking and monitoring

Some of the prominent benefits of attaching the system to your forklifts include the following:

      1. Optimization of operations and equipment

Tracking your forklifts can play an essential role in providing real-time visibility of forklifts. Since the devices are connected, you wouldn’t have to run across the plants to find the particular forklift instead monitor them on a screen. As a result, there are no delays, which further contributes to boosting productivity.

      2. Managing Ideal Sitting Time

Forklift Tracking with BLE is exceptionally essential for sending real-time alerts on various events. Furthermore, it can also provide the benefit of preventing idle sitting time. With effective time management, businesses can focus on improving themselves and avoiding process lapses.

      3. Improved efficiency

BLE-based forklift tracking helps businesses to determine vehicle usage to create better efficiency of the equipment. If you use your existing vehicles the most, you will lower the number of vehicles running with the help of BLE Based forklift monitoring. It shows how much a particular forklift is used in a day/week/month/year so you know if any resources are being underutilized and take actions accordingly.

Niruha’s offerings are a perfect blend between its own Hardware, Software, and Implementation services with a strong Partner Network across India, EU, and USA. As a result, the business can work towards improving efficiency, thereby saving money and time with high reliability and support services.

      4. Optimized routes

If there’s no proper schedule, the operators will need to find the best route across the floor. This can, however, pave the way for accidents. Moreover, the operators will also need to backtrack in many cases because of pedestrians, vehicles, or other pallets. This leads to time wastage which could be utilized in other ways.



If you are looking forward to technology, that can provide efficient Forklift Tracking, then BLE can help you achieve the desired ROI.

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