How to Improve Production Quality with the help of BLE Technology?

Quality in production is essential for several industries (Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Construction, etc.) as there is a high demand in this volatile market. Especially in these tough times where customers are wary of the market and are even more concerned about what they are purchasing. And so, to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize costs, industry experts are finding ways to get the operations running smoothly without any unexpected downtimes. They have to take care of both: quality and quantity, and for that, several industrial dignitaries lean towards BLE technology. These Bluetooth smart enabled proximity solutions give businesses peace of mind and create meaningful interactions between users, assets, and their respective conditions. 

Using IoT products is turnkey for those industries seeking to improve overall equipment efficiency. With the help of these track and trace systems, facility or plant personnel are sent alerts regarding the location of their assets, early diagnosis of any machine failures, condition and temperature of industrial goods, employee hazards, etc. thus, enabling industries to improve quality and quantity in the production line. Having such technology can help you stay at par with your competitors and give the right push in obtaining new opportunities and potential customers!

Let’s look through the end-to-end quality solutions that can be adopted. 

Improve Production Quality with the help of BLE Technology?Some of the prominent solutions of installing BLE technology for a proactive production system are as follows:

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) enables improved process visibility which gives a tremendous boost to industries. Having wireless networks that do not require manual equipment monitoring, constant check-ups, and provides security of manpower and vicinity, can be such a great deal for business owners and managers. 

Niruha Systems is empowering several industries with its unique IoT solutions designed for ease and rapid deployments. These solutions have nible Bluetooth beacon tracking devices detected by nibleWay BLE Gateways that enable visibility solutions, improve efficiency and decision-making based on available data through automation capabilities.

  • Wireless BLE beacons, with their multiple sensors and deployment options, capture critical data in real-time along the production line. Based on the data received, appointed executives can approach quality assurance by diagnosing and preventing early defects in the peak production period. This ensures an increase in the efficiency of a machine.
  • Niruha’s nible BLE beacon devices provide 24×7 remote machine monitoring, which is useful in detecting abnormalities in the running equipment and processes. One can install these devices in inaccessible zones where critical equipment is placed or where the security of the manpower is questionable. 
  • For the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries, BLE asset tracking can be a powerful analytical tool, as quality management isn’t the only thing that they have to worry about. While storage and delivering pharma and F & B goods, assigned people should handle it with responsibility. This cutting-edge technology can provide you with critical information regarding its temperature, humidity, shock, placements, etc. and can save valuable time and uninterrupted service. 

Benefits of IoT wireless networks powered by Niruha Systems

  • Easy installation and configuration 
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Visibility solutions for workforce safety and management, vehicle tracking, tools and asset tracking, Forklift monitoring, and much more


Knowledge of where, when, and how to improve productivity and quality of industrial goods with the help of BLE technology is essential. Implement these powerful wireless technologies into your organization for various applications to gain quality and ease in production and security of the enterprise!  

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