Indoor location tracking, using Bluetooth proximity beacons within industries

Indoor location tracking using Bluetooth proximity beacons is becoming commercially available and is used largely in several applications. Given that there are a lot of misconceptions about BLE beacons being the ideal solution for a location, movement, and behavior-based alerts, there are industries that implement reliable BLE beacons within their plants and facilities for enhanced visibility solutions. As a BLE products and services provider, we urge several industries to deploy Bluetooth proximity beacons as they transmit real-time location-based information accurately through low energy consumption. 

Bluetooth Low Energy is an indoor location tracking technology that is easy to install and configure. Niruha Systems’ offers a range of BLE products facilitating track & trace IoT solutions. These compact-sized beacons help businesses improve processes, gain visibility, improve efficiency and enable improved decision making through the constant flow of data and automation capabilities. 

Let’s see some of the indoor location tracking solutions in industries.

Industry cases of indoor location tracking using Bluetooth proximity beacons

Bluetooth proximity beacons are at the forefront of indoor localization. It is changing the way industries are working, driving value, quality and profitability. The cost-effective beacons may be small, but they have a long battery life, making them suitable for industrial applications. Some of the industries that benefit from BLE indoor tracking beacons are:



For the construction sites that want to build a smart industry, BLE technology can come in handy in several ways. A contractor or subcontractor managing the entire construction process needs smart BLE tags to increase the safety of the manpower, asset monitoring solutions to curb theft, condition monitoring solutions to monitor the equipment, etc. From tracking materials to workforce, equipment, tools, etc., within the zones, one can determine the location, behaviour and movement of the assets with BLE solutions. 



BLE beacons enable Manufacturing to run their production line efficiently without any unexpected stoppage, minimizing product/ material wastage. It also allows the manufacturers to identify and locate assets in restricted zones to monitor the condition of the critical equipment remotely. This helps in better planning of maintenance schedules and enhances decision making. Apart from that, the Manufacturing officials can track and monitor the location of the value assets stored.  



It is a substantial challenge for Logistics to manage raw and finished goods through supply chain companies. It is also a challenge to identify and locate where the skids, trolleys and pallets are placed. BLE-enabled devices alert the Logistics executives about their availability, movement and behaviour, saving time to manually enter their availability and locating them in the large space. The Real-Time Location System offers alerts and signals of where the assets are located. 



Asset tracking solutions powered by BLE technology enable healthcare professionals to locate their critical assets such as beds, wheelchairs, and equipment— biomedical devices, infusion pumps, etc. BLE indoor tracking in healthcare is much more efficient and beneficial to monitor visitors, patients, staff, medical inventory, equipment, etc. With the help of BLE technology, one can minimize the risk of missing patients and damage to equipment. The beacons send alerts through gateways regarding any unexpected situations.


Prominent benefits of nible BLE beacons within organizations
  • Easy configuration and provisioning 
  • Real-time location system
  • Proximity location services 
  • Presence detection
  • Long battery life
  • Remote monitoring
  • Compact-size
  • Compatible with smartphones 
  • Excellent RF performance
  • Captures various sensors – Identification, motion, free fall, elevation, pressure
  • Used for various applications – workforce management, vehicle management, asset tracking, forklift management



Indoor location tracking, using Bluetooth proximity beacons, are a staple for industrial applications. Where GPS and other technology is inaccessible, Bluetooth Low Energy does wonders for industries as it operates with low energy consumption and higher accuracy. The real-time tracking solution allows you to monitor your assets no matter where you are. Interested in knowing how Niruha Systems’ can help you set up smart BLE technology in your organization? Connect with us today. 


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