Industrial Predictive Maintenance Predicts & Reduces Risks in Industries

Industrial Predictive Maintenance focuses on the detailed techniques to assess the function of equipment. In any plant, the main aim for the maintenance team or industrial owners and managers is to strive to achieve maximum machine uptime by avoiding unexpected malfunctions. To keep the equipment running to its full potential, an effective predictive maintenance strategy should be implemented. However, not many organizations are keen on deploying digital technologies into their plants and facilities. Most of the industrial maintenance strategy is dependent on preventive and reactive maintenance, which might not be the best solution to eradicate risks such as machine failure and breakdown. Waiting for the machine to break down completely can not only affect the ROI, delivery timeline, product wastage, and profitability, but it might bring danger to the manpower as well. On the other hand, the manual inspection wouldn’t provide much data, and one will have to assume faulty vibrations and misalignment of the equipment. 


BLE technology complemented with proactive maintenance helps you achieve set targets and  boost equipment efficiency, thus increasing the overall performance of the plant. The digital functionality involves regular equipment analysis to uphold machine conditions to determine whether or not an instant maintenance checkup is needed. This limits the damage of equipment failure and breakdown, which, in return, saves costs and time & reduces the risk factor marginally. 


The need for Industrial Predictive Maintenance coupled with condition monitoring to curb the unexpected hazards:

Predictive maintenance in the manufacturing industry can assess the health of the equipment by monitoring the dynamic characteristics provided on the dashboard. In manufacturing plants, the machines run continuously to attain the on-time delivery deadline. Commonly, they might stop running because of the constant wear, or there might be issues in the vibrations of equipment, which can lead to unfinished goods and wastage as the appointed personnel can only inspect the products after the process is completed. Other than this, many restricted zones in plants have critical equipment which needs to be observed at intervals by the appointed officials. Unforeseen hazards are likely to happen in such zones as no one is aware that the machine has any issues. 

Niruha Systems is empowering industries to utilize innovative products and services to digitize their plants and facilities into SMART industries. It provides condition monitoring solutions such as cod which enables machinery condition monitoring.  cod offers vibration motoring of the equipment and captures real-time data regarding temperature, shock, humidity, pressure, etc., and detects any impending machine failures before it occurs. 

Industrial Predictive Maintenance Predicts & Reduces Risks in Industries

How can a condition monitoring strategy help you in preventing risks?

Predictive maintenance industry 4.0 is beneficial for large industrial sectors. Critical equipment needs critical solutions to eradicate problems before they occur. The safety of manpower should be of utmost priority. Selecting the right form of maintenance strategy can avoid such hazards and maintain visibility throughout the plants. 

Let’s see a few prominent benefits of BLE devices. 

  • cod powered by BLE ensures to provide critical real-time analytics to evaluate equipment functionality and failure modes at all operational levels. 
  • The dashboard offers prescriptive actions for industrial sectors to implement and better plan their maintenance schedule. 
  • If unforeseen activities occur, alerts are raised to the owners, managers, executives, and personnel, thus enhancing decision-making skills to prevent or take immediate actions. 
  • The edge-cutting technology, designed to anticipate failures, saves valuable time and offers uninterrupted service. 
  • Easy configuration and provisioning make it an even more ideal solution for plants of any size!



Industrial predictive maintenance is paving the way for several sectors. It enables new opportunities and helps building safer environments. Connect with Niruha Systems today to gain better visibility of assets, improve productivity, safeguard your manpower and equipment, and reduce unexpected risks in your industries.


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