Real-time Security Patrolling with BLE Beacons

Security patrolling with BLE beacons ensure the safety of the premises and increases efficiency in the security service. The security guards in various factories and warehouses are tasked to survey various zones to maintain a secured environment across the workplace. The problem arises when unexpected situations occur in the zone. It is very likely to happen as any person might get injured during a specific process, or an unauthorized person gains access to the restricted area. Depending on the size of the plant, it can get challenging for the security personnel to inform the officials about such mishaps. Deploying BLE IoT Gateways across the vicinity can enhance the overall visibility of the security guards and the workplace. It is also important to know that security personnel are patrolling at regular intervals preset by the security head 

Due to the lack of workforce solutions, security contractors find it difficult to track and trace the security guards or the tasks that need to be completed. BLE beacons can be an ideal solution for additional documentation. These devices allow access to the live data and help you evaluate the operations of the security guards, track their locations, and send alerts of any situations. 

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to Improve Security Patrolling 

Real-time BLE-enabled tags transmit data to the security contractors and supervisors about individual security guard locations and patrolling  status. These ultra-low consumption devices, instated with ease across the entire area, can determine the position of the security guard, time of duty, and appointed tasks.

Reaching the dedicated checkpoints in a large facility can be a challenging task. Niruha Systems’ offers workforce visibility solutions that can track and trace assets in real-time through automation capabilities. 

Real-time Security Patrolling with BLE BeaconsLet’s go through some of the benefits of security patrolling with BLE beacons powered by Niruha.

  • nibleWay industrial BLE IoT Gateway deployed across the facility gathers data from the nible BLE device carried by  security guards and offers backhaul options.
  • For any large-scale facility, an IoT gateway is an ideal solution as it comes with an inbuilt mechanism, data connectivity, remote device monitoring and provision.
  • It provides real-time tracking of the guards and sends alerts to the experts. This better plans the decision-making process as they can communicate with the guards about their whereabouts and tackle any unexpected situation as they are 24×7 remote monitoring the facility. 
  • With the help of nible BLE beacons real-time location tracking, security contractors can easily meet their service requirements. 
  • Often, new security recruiters are appointed, and due to a lack of knowledge about them, these compact-sized devices can be a great benefit to track and trace.
  • This real-time monitoring system helps to reduce risk and increases the reliability and visibility of the workforce. 
  • The location tracking system also helps the security guards allow access to the permitted visitors, workers, staff and employees, enabling a secured workplace. 



For security contractors, a real-time guard tour system combined with BLE technology provides complete visibility of the security guard in the facility. Security patrolling with BLE beacons ensures safety, offers accurate indoor visibility, and increases the overall efficiency of the security guards. With its comprehensive features, it surely is a suitable workforce management solution for your organization. Connect with Niruha Systems’ to know more about the tracking beacon technology. 

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