The Necessity of Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Predictive analytics in supply chain management is no longer a bonus feature; but instead, it’s a necessity. A necessity that all supply chain officials should implement into their plants or facilities to obtain valuable real-time data, simplify their ROI calculations, and increase machine uptime. Predictive Maintenance is a proactive approach that helps resolve the usual bottlenecks faced by supply chain owners and managers, such as machinery downtime, lack of track and trace solutions, maintenance costs, etc. 

Optimizing supply chain management solutions into your organization helps you evolve and transform the way you work. For gaining better results and overall operational efficiency and management performance, you need to instate smart solutions.

The positive impact of predictive analytics in the supply chain industry:

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to having a smart strategy in your enterprise. Deploying innovative predictive techniques via Smart connected sensors to monitor the condition can help you better plan your maintenance schedule. It also helps form a better decision-making plan for machine breakdowns and failures, misplaced or damaged assets, unexpected hazards to the manpower, environmental conditions damaging the inventory, delays in delivering timely orders, etc. 

Based on the data received via wireless monitoring system deployed all over the premises, one can be assured as these small Bluetooth-enabled devices provide prescriptive data to identify abnormal patterns and anticipate specific future events. 

Niruha Systems’ is paving the way for supply chain management with the help of its wide range of products, facilitating track & trace solutions to help businesses improve their processes. With the constant flow of data, these  IoT devices gain visibility and improve efficiency.

The Necessity of Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management complemented with BLE Technology

  • In this new era of maintenance, wireless cod powered by Niruha offers better supply chain visibility. It enables Real-Time Location Tracking (RTLS) of your equipment, manpower, inventory, operations, shipments, deliveries, commercial transportation, etc. 
  • No matter what the size of your facility is, these compact-sized devices are an ideal solution for your organization. Through its condition monitoring, the cod sends alerts to the appointed personnel about the equi[ment condition in terms of vibration monitoring inventory acceleration, velocity, displacement, pressure, temperature, humidity, shock counting, etc.
  • With the help of such Predictive Maintenance solutions, one can easily bring ease and assurance into their vicinity. 
  • Easy to install and configure, IoT predictive maintenance solution is suitable for industrial applications requiring reliability and efficiency into their premises. Implementing the right form of visibility solutions can open up new business opportunities for industrial experts.  
  • Considering the fact that logistics depend largely on transportation management systems to track and manage their belongings, this wireless network provides 24×7 remote monitoring.
  • Niruha’s condition-based monitoring product, cod with its cutting-edge technology, is designed to anticipate the failure of critical equipment by detecting abnormalities in the vibration. 


This new cost-effective solution is making several supply chain industries shift from preventive to predictive maintenance. Detecting failure patterns and anomalies into the equipment and gaining predictive analytics in supply chain management increases efficiency and maximizes equipment reliability and availability.

It’s clear that for supply chain optimization, predictive analytics has become a necessity to maintain competitiveness. Connect with Niruha Systems’ to understand how we can help you enhance your management and operational processes.




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