Solution for Vehicle Tracking & Turnaround Time (TAT) Management with BLE

With technology-enabled solutions like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), tracking and tracing logistics operations are not nearly as difficult as they used to be. Various industries have gained their visibility through this tech-savvy application. Moreover, logistics and supply chain departments and leaders are looking keen on using vehicle management solutions with the help of BLE to increase efficiency in productivity and get in-depth clarity on internal operations and logistics.

Vehicle management solutions such as BLE beacon can be a great deal for manufacturers and logistic industries. This technology helps the owners and managers to not just monitor the vehicles entering and leaving the factory premise but also to have visibility of the vehicles throughout different processes while they are inside the premises. It has been an advantage for leading manufacturers as vehicle tracking systems like these have helped them achieve cost-saving and increase efficiency in their warehouses.

Importance of BLE beacon-based vehicle tracking solutions for manufacturers and logistics:

Many commercial vehicles/ trucks enter the premises to either unload raw materials or pick up finished goods. Due to this loading/ unloading of the materials, there are several challenges that manufacturers face, a few of which are:
When commercial trucks/ vehicles enter the factory premises, they tend to spend excessive amounts of time, which results in the delay of transportation and escalating cost in transportation.
Many logistic operations are being outsourced, making it difficult for owners and managers to get viability on the warehousing operations and turn around time (TAT) in loading and unloading raw and finished goods.
Spending so much time inside the plant can lead to traffic congestion which occurs because of the unregulated movements of commercial vehicles/ trucks.
All of these challenges have an impact on the production from the warehouse to the manufacturing location. Hence, owners and managers must have this vehicle location tracking system to know the exact location of the commercial vehicles and trucks inside their plant.

Niruha Systems have designed innovative IoT solutions to help businesses track things, vehicles, assets, tools in real-time. It offers solutions such as this vehicle monitoring system, where every commercial truck/vehicle entering the factory premises is provided with Niruha’s nible device. This nible tracks the incoming and outgoing vehicles in real-time across various sections within the factory with the help of nibleWay gateways – which are installed in strategic locations to cover required areas of the factory!


Benefits of nible BLE Beacons and nibleWay BLE Gateways:

Niruha Systems offer a wide range of products that offer benefits for all types of industries. BLE is widely spreading among logistic industries and here’s why you should get a Bluetooth asset tracking device into your factory premises:

  • Visibility of vehicles across the plant:

Installing this best vehicle tracker in your logistics will help you to easily find the location of the vehicle across the premises in any zone.

  • Avoid vehicles overstay and traffic congestion in plant:

With the help of a real-time vehicle tracking system, manufacturers can know the exact location of the vehicle and can thereby avoid unnecessary overstay in the plant premises. They can appoint the operations team to look after the vehicles/ trucks and streamlining their movement to avoid traffic congestion in the factory premises.

  • Visibility on the efficiency of the operations:

It’s very important to have the right tools to carry out operations efficiently in the plant. When there are a lot of operations of unloading and loading the materials, the operations which are due might get delayed due to lack of real-time data and mismanagement, especially if the logistics operations in the factory are being outsourced. Hence, the benefit of implementing Vehicle Tracking within the plant with nible BLE Beacons which can help manufacturers gain visibility on the efficiency of the warehouse operations.

  • Eradicate delays in production

It is essential to deliver the materials to the location at the appointed time. But because of these challenges, there are production delays. BLE-based tracking solution can help you eradicate delays in products by streamlining the vehicle’s movement from warehousing to manufacturing location.


These vehicle management solutions help you gain secure data, track and trace containers, and provide efficiency into your premises across all locations within the factory for effective and smooth internal supply chain and logistics operations.
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