What are BLE Beacons?

Bluetooth beacons are electronic transmitters working on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol that broadcast their unique identifier and some more data to nearby devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, IoT gateways and Bluetooth Scanners. The technology enables these devices to perform actions, raise alerts, trigger business rules or simply send this data to third party application when in close proximity to a beacon.

The identifier and several data points sent with it can be used to determine the device’s physical location, track customers, track assets or trigger a location based action or business logic.

A factory needing real-time visibility of things of interest like assets, workforce or vehicles would position the nibleWay gateways across various point of interest across the factory. Each thing of interest is assigned a nible BLE beacon and will be detected by the nearby nibleWay Gateways to trigger actions, alerts or business logic when the things are in proximity of a particular Gateway or multiple gateways denoting a location.

Another application is indoor positioning where approximately location of the beacon is estimated by an intelligent piece of software called Real time Location engine to readily locate a thing on a floor plan.

Bluetooth beacons come in a variety of form factors and features;

nible is a rugged enterprise BLE beacon with several sensors used for identification and condition monitoring of things.

tad is an affordable BLE becon used for identification and tracking.

nibleWay is a enterprise IoT gateway for BLE scanning and lrge scale deployments.

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