Workforce Management Solution with BLE Technology

In any industry, several processes and operations are carried out by the employees daily. There are several departments and even more employees who bring value and productivity to the organization, making it difficult for the stakeholders and managers to keep track of everything. Without effective workforce management practices, it’s impossible to know the location of the employees and what operations are taking place. It is also difficult to know whether or not they are safe. It is because of a lack of fully automated and effective workforce management solutions available in the industry.


But every challenge comes with a solution. Thankfully, we live in a world where technology is evolving and bringing innovative workforce tracking solutions that aid such difficulties! Technology like nible Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons offers high-tech solutions such as real-time visibility, identification & condition monitoring. This can be a big deal for various industries as it increases productivity and brings automation and convenience to workforce management practices.

Workforce Management Solutions | Niruha Systems

Challenges faced in managing Workforce in Manufacturing Plants:

Leading manufacturers operate several facilities across the county, and each of the facilities could be spread over almost 200 to 500 acres. In such plants, there could be more than 600 employees, contract workers, and additional visitors and guests who come at any given time.


Manufacturing plants face various challenges, and one of them is that there are multiple types of solid and liquid raw materials used in the plant that may be hazardous for the employees. Another challenge is that certain parts of the plant have critical equipment and work areas that are elevated. This makes it necessary to restrict these designated areas and provide access only to authorized and trained personnel.


Having such a large size plant makes managing tracking and tracing manpower challenging, especially when the number of contract workers and visitors keep changing. Because of this, the officials or appointed personnel may face a challenge in avoiding and handling any hazards as they cannot track the manpower and evacuate them in case of such situations.


Organizing fleets properly and scheduling enough employees to carry out several tasks should be a challenge in itself. One needs to be prepared to take action as there is a possibility of unforeseen changes.


Leading manufacturers lean towards the end-to-end Workforce track and trace solution powered by Niruha Systems to overcome these challenges.


Niruha Systems provides empowering and innovative IoT solutions and products that offer visibility and condition monitoring solutions along with RTLS & visibility platform. These solutions are the best fit for Manufacturing industries, Logistics, Constructions, Retails, and many more! 



  • “nible smart employee tags” are issued to the employees, contractors, and visitors, and “nibleWay BLE beacons gateways” are mounted across the plant.
  • These rugged industrial solutions not only provide the physical location of the employees but also provide important information like the status of the employees, whether they are moving or stationary, ambient temperature, pressure, the height of the work area, etc.
  • These tags provide precise information and will send alerts to the process owner or the manager of the plant about any mishaps or violation of rules set in the system.
  • This certainly enhances visibility and aids the decision-making process, and due to this, every situation is tackled immediately with the help of real-time updates from workforce management solutions!


Benefits of having BLE technology in the manufacturing plant include:

  • Manpower safety 
  • Preventing unauthorized access 
  • Manpower visibility 
  • Safety alert
  • Freefall detection 
  • Rule violations
  • Dwell time visibility
  • Increase workforce productivity



BLE based Workforce management solutions with nible and nibleWay help manufacturing companies increase employee productivity, track and trace location, manage safety and send alerts and alarms regarding unintended activities and inappropriate dwell time. It helps the manufacturing plant to carry out smooth operations with ease and convenience! 


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