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What are BLE Beacon offerings by Niruha Systems?

nible are a range of rugged BLE beacons for Identification, Tracking and Condition Monitoring.

tad is basic BLE Beacon for Identification and Tracking

What are BLE Gateway or IoT offerings by Niruha Systems?

nibleWay series is a family of BLE IoT Gateways for seamless, automated and unattended BLE sesnsing and processing solutions

cod is a vibration analysis and preventive/predictive maintenance device for mechanical equipment

What is difference between nible, nibleSense and nibleSense+?

All nible BLE beacons are rugged and made for industrial environments with Out of Band configurations over NFC.

nibleSense offers all feature of nible BLE beacons with movement sensing and free fall detection.

nibleSense+ provides ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and elevation in addition to all features of nible and nibleSense.

nibleSense and nibleSense+ also offers Niruha System’s PowerEdge features.

Do nible BLE beacons support NFC?

Yes. nible, nibleSense and nibleSense+ support NFC for Out of Band configurations and Choke Point or Read Point scans with NFC compatible smartphones

How do nibleWay gateways send data to the server?

nibleWay gateways come with on board edgeware for configurations and data backhaul with ready to use support for TCP/IP Sockets, HTTP and MQTT

How do I configure nibleWay gateways?

nibleWay Edgeware and configurations can be accessed over WiFi and Ethernet. Please refer “nibleWay Configuration Manual” for more details.

Do nibleWay gateways support Mesh?

Two devices in nibleWay series; nibleWay+ and nibleWayMini gateways support Mesh. Eliminating dependency on WiFi Infra at each point of interest of deployment.

What is iBeacon and Eddystone?

iBeacon and Eddystone are profile or protocols by Apple Inc. and Google Inc. compliant with Bluetooth Low Energy GAP Specifications

What data formats are supported on Niruha BLE Beacons?

Based on the SKU, nible and tad BLE beacons support iBeacon, Eddystone and APTData formats

Does Niruha Systems offer beacons powered with power supply?

nibleWay, nibleWay+ and nibleWayMini gateways can also be configured as beacons on Power Supply

What is Intrusion Protection or IP protection on Niruha devices?

nible, nibleSense, nibleSense+ : IP67

nibleWay, nibleWay+ :IP65

What data formats are supported on Niruha BLE Becons?

nible BLE Beacons support Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone and Niruha EdgeStream data formats

Which app can I use on mobile to test Niruha System's BLE beacons?

Use Niruha BLE Scanner or Niruha APT Soft Gateway from Playstore

Which of the devices can help in condition monitoring?

cod can be used for condition monitoring of critical mechanical equipment